Stress in the age of Covid-19; we are here to help!

Our world is full of stressors aimed at adolescents and young adults. Issues involving social interactions, educational achievements, athleticism, body image, drugs, alcohol, and political divides, are just to name a few. It can be challenging for some to function with all that stress and worry. To top it all off, Covid-19 hits and remote […]

The Age of (Dis)Connection

Has our society devolved due to technology? It’s a provocative question, isn’t it? I’ve spent the past 10 years personally and professionally watching the evolution of this, believe that parts of our society are being damaged by it, and my belief is that this is only going to get worse. The Facts -Did you know […]

Why There’s No Such Thing as Privilege

And why we should stop talking about it! Something has been bothering me lately. I am hearing the word privilege being used more and more, and the use of the word opportunity used less and less when discussing the same context. While the difference in the words are slight, they both have very different connotations […]

Why You’re A Failure

And HOW to pull away from the pack! No matter what is going on in our society, it seems that we are destined to have winners and losers. I’ve always found this topic to be fascinating as it seems everyone has different rationales for the reason some people fall behind, some stay the steady course, […]

Living with Regrets Article Photo

Living With Regrets

How do you view your past? In my line of work, we focus a lot of time talking about regrets. I have come to view regrets differently over the years… More accurately, I have come to analyze HOW people view their own regrets. The angle from which people view themselves and their regrets often gives […]

Everything You Did Wrong as a Parent

Ummm Seriously?!?!?! Our most recent parent outing highlighted yet again a topic that we constantly find ourselves providing counseling around. We often take for granted our insights being an outside and unbiased perspective and although it seems obvious to us where you messed up as a parent, we wanted to take the time to highlight […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

Choose gratitude… You’ll be grateful you did! We are challenged daily with the realities of life, nearly every day has a diverse mixture of experiences, some inherently bring you up because of how they feel and what they mean to us, and others bring us down. In my opinion, much of this is relating to […]

Minimize Stuff, Maximize Happiness?

Say what?!? Everyone has their own path in life. I have chosen one of simplicity and minimalism. Although I believe this path may not be for everyone in the long-term, I do believe that creating some version of this in your life, for a short time, can make you more appreciative of what you have […]

Shopping Cart Test Image

The Shopping Cart Test

Have we become a culture of observers versus doers? I like to come up with simplified ways to think about and test theories. A pet peeve of mine is not doing seemingly simple things because “it’s not my job”. My feelings have been there about this as far back as I can remember, probably something […]

DC Characters

Rescuing Versus Helping

Are you wearing a cape? Probably one of the bigger concepts to convince people of in the realm of life skills, is that of not “saving” people, but simply “helping” them. Let me explain that further. Since we believe wholeheartedly in the concept of “sustainable life skills” it is important that everything we do is […]