Stress in the age of Covid-19; we are here to help!

Our world is full of stressors aimed at adolescents and young adults. Issues involving social interactions, educational achievements, athleticism, body image, drugs, alcohol, and political divides, are just to name a few. It can be challenging for some to function with all that stress and worry. To top it all off, Covid-19 hits and remote learning/work from home, social distancing, and cancellations of beloved activities have become the new norm. It’s no wonder that so many adolescents and young adults are finding it increasingly difficult to function in their daily lives. 

Examining the “why’s” is important, but it may not be a simple pinpoint to blame. Some people simply have a harder time processing the stress. This can lead to a build-up of some pretty strong emotions and essentially prevent a person from living a productive life. Just as important as examining the “why’s,” it’s equally important to focus on the “what now?.”

You are not alone

Teens and young adults are more susceptible to depression and anxiety, affecting more people than you may think. According to the Brain and Behavior Foundation, anxiety is the most common struggles in adolescents, and an estimated 40 million young adults are affected by anxiety each year. This tells us that there are a lot of people out there that could use some help.

Recognize the need for help

It is important to recognize that not every person deals with these stressful situations the same way. Anxiety can show itself in many forms; irritability, anger, difficulty sleeping/excessive sleeping, withdrawal from activities and friendships, lack of motivation, obsessive thoughts, and constant worry can all be signs of anxiety or depression. When these behaviors become extreme and begin to have serious adverse effects on quality of life, it’s essential to seek help from experienced professions. 

What can I do to help?

You may be asking yourself, “what can I do to help?”, simply put, the answers are varied. Depending on personal preference, some may find success in the traditional “couch and chair” methods. Although this method can be very beneficial for some, others find success in less traditional approaches. 

If the idea of sitting in a sterile doctor’s office seems unappealing, then consider a nontraditional approach, the services at  Northwoods Ranch & Retreat may be exactly what you’re looking for. We have a proven system that can aid in treat anxiety and depression in a safe, nurturing manner. We offer uniquely structured, and supportive life skills counseling in an environment that helps to strengthen and engage individuals through unhealthy behaviors. Our facility provides wilderness & agricultural programs that combine daily responsibilities of working on our ranch with wilderness adventures and physical fitness & sports. Our interactive activities are designed to work the body and the mind. 


If you need help, give us a call; we’re here for you. 207-825-6077