Wilderness & Agricultural Therapy For Young Men

Where Sustainable Change IS Possible!

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is a uniquely structured, residential wellness and life skills program assisting struggling young men, ages 18 years and older. We do this by combining daily responsibilities of a working ranch with outdoor adventure activities. Our program is specifically designed to mimic real world experiences, focusing equally on the expectations of adulthood as well as the importance of personal happiness. We are located in the scenic heart of Maine just minutes from Mt. Katahdin and Moosehead Lake, two of Maine’s premiere outdoor recreation areas.

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is based on the philosophy of Sustainable Life Skills through Sustainable Living™, which utilizes evidence based techniques necessary for overcoming self defeating behaviors and experiential learning essential for real world success. Sustainable Life Skills through Sustainable Living educates students in the process of achievement via personal involvement, commitment, and accountability.

Student profile:

Depression Academic Challenges Co-Occurring Issues
Low Self-Esteem Socially Isolated Grief/Loss
Anxiety Asperger/Autism Spectrum Poor Judgement
Attention & Focus Lack of Motivation Anger Management
Substance Abuse Mood Instability Family Conflict
Defiance Trauma Body Image Issues
Lack of Respect Gaming/Social Media Theft/Stealing
Failure to Launch Adoption/Attachment Compulsive Behaviors

I have been asked many times, what is it that keeps you doing this work? The answer is easy, it is those moments when students recognize how how they have to offer, when they show themselves and those that matter to them that they did it, they made the changes they needed to be successful and content. It is sometimes almost like a lightbulb clicks on and the look comes that tells you, they get it, they finally see what we all see, just how great they are.”

~Devin Colavecchio  

*All students portrayed in photos on this and other Northwoods media provide written consent and agree to the use of pictures and videos.