Admissions Information and Requirements

At Northwoods Ranch & Retreat we understand that enrolling your son in a Residential Wellness & Life Skills program, regardless of location, is a difficult decision. We realize that the process can be very overwhelming to parents and students alike. Our admissions department and director will work closely with you to ensure our program will be the best fit for his or her needs.

If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter at Northwoods Ranch & Retreat we ask families to complete the following steps which will guide you in this process:

  1. Contact the admissions office at 1-207-416-2115 or complete the Get Help Today form under Contact Us.
  2. Schedule a phone consultation with our Professional staff to determine if Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is the best fit for your son.
  3. Complete the Application and Enrollment forms which will be sent to you by our admissions office upon determination of student enrollment.

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