About Us

Our Mission

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat holds strong our mission to empower young men, helping them overcome unhealthy attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors in a uniquely structured and supportive environment that focuses on each student’s strengths and engages them to become productive, healthy individuals.

Who We Serve

Young Men Ages 16-28 Years Old

Students at Northwoods may share similar characteristics, but each of them has their own personal story and experiences.

Many students come to us having tried a variety of other services and programs, yet still they have been unable to find their way.

What we see most in our students is lack of self confidence, low self esteem, poor self efficacy, and an inability to get out of the patterns of both behavior and thought they find themselves in.

We collaboratively work with these young men, helping clarify their personal challenges, self-defeating attitudes, and behaviors.

Every student is treated as the individual they are and is provided with the tools and support necessary for obtaining their goals.

Our Services

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is a uniquely structured Residential & Transitional Life Skills program.

Our population focuses on young men, ages 16-28, who struggle in a variety of areas, including failure to launch, low self esteem, and chronic mental health issues.

Our Approach

We combine the daily responsibilities of living on a working ranch, wilderness activities, and physical fitness & sports.

Our program is specifically designed to mimic real world experiences, seeking balance of work, play, and relaxation.

We focus on the expectations of adulthood as well as the importance of personal happiness.

Our Philosophy

Northwoods is based on the philosophy of Sustainable Change, utilizing evidence based techniques necessary for overcoming self-defeating behaviors, thoughts, attitudes.

Experiential learning is essential for real world success.

Sustainable Life Skills through Sustainable Living educates students in the process of achievement through personal involvement, commitment, and accountability.

Combining these necessary skills with individualized counseling approaches allows for optimal opportunity for success.

Our Location

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is located in the scenic heart of Maine just minutes from multiple hiking trail, lakes, ponds, and the coast.

“Where Sustainable Change Is Possible!”

Our Core Values