About Us

Our Mission
Our mission at Northwoods is to meet people where they are at, allow for a safe, healthy environment, and help assist each individual to achieve their own goals and to make the necessary changes that will allow them for successful and fulfilled life.

Our Philosophy
Northwoods is based on the philosophy of Sustainable Change, utilizing evidence-based techniques necessary for overcoming self-defeating behaviors, thoughts, attitudes.

We believe that it is necessary to feel confident and fulfilled in your day-to-day. We must look at each individual as a whole, which includes mind, body, spirituality, and community. There is no one size fits all, nurturing each individual’s needs and desires are important to finding success and sustainable change.

Who We Serve
Individuals at Northwoods may share similar characteristics, but each of them has their own personal story and experiences. Many come to us having tried a variety of other services and programs, yet still they have been unable to find their way.

What we see most is lack of self confidence, low self esteem, poor self efficacy, and an inability to get out of the patterns that led to negative thoughts and behaviors.

Our Location
Northwoods Ranch and Retreat is located in the scenic heart of Maine, just minutes from multiple hiking trails, lakes, ponds, and the beautiful coast.


“Where Sustainable Change Is Possible!”