Northwoods Programs

Our programs are designed to keep the individual in mind. Each student’s struggle requires its own approach.

90 Day Residential Wellness & Life Skills Program

Our 90 Men’s program is specifically designed to mimic real world experiences focusing equally on the expectations of adulthood as well as the importance of personal happiness, all while allowing for personal development, expansion of skills and independence, and empowerment of self.

30 Day Residential Wilderness & Agriculture Program

Our 30 day program is specifically formatted for those young men needing a chance for a reset.  An oppurtunity to get away, clear their head, and develop a plan for returning back to school or home, with follow up care and counseling.


Once a student has completed the 90-day minimum and has been assessed as appropriate for the Transitional Services, they can begin this process immediately. Here we begin a slow progressive step by step process of increasing independence and responsibility while maintaining oversight and guidance into the responsibilities of being a young adult.

Family Outings

Our outings are a great opportunity for parents and family members to connect with their son/family member! In these wonderful wilderness adventures, communication and understanding of one another is a focus.

Africa Experience

Northwoods is proud to offer our Intensive Perspective Program. 16 days of immersion in Africa. Students receive a guided tour of some of the poorest areas of Nairobi, where they work alongside individuals doing what they can medically, socially, and economically to improve the lives of people in extreme poverty and despair, with no end in sight.

Tuitions costs for each service can be found here on the Tuition & Fees page.

“Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.” 

Evan Carmichael

Africa Immersion

Our immersion program is a structured 60 days of focused work on oneself through acts of selflessness.  This combines working in various areas of Kenya volunteering, experiencing day to day life, and learning about the culture and life without the luxuries that we take for granted.

During this process gentlemen will enter Kibera, a slum in Kenya of 930,000 people living in a square mile, Eldoret, where they teach young children and are able to see first hand the life ina children’s home, and Tiata, a mountain area that farming and self sufficiency is a must.