As a family owned and operated program we are not the one size fits all approach. Our program is structured to focus on the individual and meet them where they’re at, focus in their goals and needs, and help them achieve the necessary and sustainable change they are seeking.

Below please find our levels of service and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more details.


Residential Life Skills IV


Our uniquely structured, wellness and life skills program assists struggling men by combining the daily responsibilities including working on the ranch, wilderness adventure, physical fitness & sports, and learning everyday life skills.

10 hours of direct support with individualized planning and services as necessary.

• Life skills activities, participation in daily programming, and structured daily schedules.

• Individualized support and group meetings

Transitional Life Skills III


Sometimes, young men do not yet possess the knowledge or skills to survive in the reality of adulthood. While a residential program can assist in building these skills and developing the needed confidence, the responsibility becomes far more real when they are faced with paying their own bills, renting an apartment, attending college courses, and maintaining employment.

5 Hours of direct support

• House Meetings

• Assistance applying for jobs, on-going life skills activities, and participation in weekly day programming.

Sober Living Level II


Sobriety is a major struggle for many. Northwoods offers a safe and healthy environment that allows a natural support system, availability of services and activity all of which are vital to achieve long term sobriety.

2 Hours of direct support

• Biweekly Drug Tests

• Weekly House Meetings

• Applying for jobs

• Responsible for food

*Additional direct support will be billed accordingly

Sober Living Level I


Some folks just need a safe and affordable place that allows them to maintain established sobriety. Level 1 is just that, a safe place with peers that recognize the necessities and can share experiences and struggles that come with getting sober.

• Weekly house meetings

• Drug tests