Young Adult Drug Use & Awareness for Parents

Many of the students that enter our program have past histories of drug abuse or addiction. Most of the parents we speak with did not recognize the signs until it was too late. By being properly educated and informed, to identify the attitudes and behaviors in teens using drugs, parents can help prevent long term or futher addiction disorders.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illict drug use among teenagers continues to rise at drastically significant rates. Marijuana, synthetic and prescription drugs are now the most widely used among 12th graders.

 Past year illicit use among 12th graders, Marijuana 36.4%, Synthetic Marijuana 11.3%, Adderall 7.6%, Vicodin 7.5%, Cough med 5.6%, Tranquilizers 5.3%, Hallucinogens 4.8%, Sedatives 4.5%, Salvia 4.4%, Oxycontin 4.3%, MDMA 3.8%, Inhalants 2.9%, Cocaine 2.7%, Ritalin 2.6%