Sober Living | Greater Bangor, Maine Region

Sobriety is a major struggle for many.

As a MARR Certified Recovery Residence, Northwoods offers a safe and healthy environment that allows a support system and activities that are vital to achieving long term sobriety

Serving both our local community, sober living offers a longer-term solution to those needing the support of peers and local services to help them maintain their desire to remain absent from substances.

Our beautiful location is situated close to the city centers of Bangor and Brewer, Maine, yet far enough away to provide space from the immediate temptations.

With shared living spaces. large shared bedrooms in our 12,000+ sqft home folks can feel comfortable and not jammed up in an overcrowded tiny space.

What is included

  1. Shared Room
  2. Shared Bathrooms
  3. Community Kitchen and Living Space
  4. Entertainment Room with pool, ping pong, and TV
  5. Mini fridge and food storage
  6. Foot locker
  7. Lockbox for medications (If Applicable)
  8. Bedding (You may bring your own)

What do you need to provide for yourself

  1. Hygiene and toiletries
  2. Weekly groceries
  3. Transportation (We utilize local taxis, Uber, and peer supported rides)

Expectations and Requirements

  1. Twice weekly drug screens
  2. Minimum 3-5 AA or NA meetings with documentation weekly
  3. House Chores
  4. Daily Community Work Monday thru Friday 9 am to 3 pm – This is seeking employment, volunteer work, or other productive activity (If employed schedule may differ)
  5. Zero Tolerance Drug & Alcohol Policy

Further detail regarding services, what individuals are required to provide, and rules and expectations will be provided when appropriate