Information for Families

At Northwoods, we do not believe bigger is always better, and we understand that the importance of your loved one’s success includes as much individualized attention as needed. With the staff staying at the program, residence, your son or family member will have access to 24/7 support.

A feature unique to Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is our commitment to individualizing our programming and accepting no more than six to eight students at a time. This allows for the necessary personal attention each student deserve.

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is focused on a structured family environment where all daily activities can be closely supervised and supported.

Here at Northwoods Ranch & Retreat, we understand the importance of the family’s role in the students well being and its necessity for healthy dynamics through communication and support. Although we do not initially allow access to phones in order to avoid distractions during the preliminary Residential period, students are encouraged to maintain weekly correspondence with parents through letter writing. After the student has completed the residential program, he or she will have the ability to call home at will.

Monthly scheduled phone meetings are included in Northwoods services. These meetings inform you of your son or family members current events, emotional status, successes and challenges in a collaborative effort to further understand and overcome student issues.

During the student’s enrollment at Northwoods Ranch & Retreat parents will also have access to our Facebook page & our Instagram feed, where photos and activity information is regularly posted.