Great Few Days at Northwoods: Part 1

Warrior training and untapped skills meet at dawn

This week we focused on utilizing untapped skills and ingenuity. It is amazing to watch these young men as they develop the life skills and confidence needed for success.  

We began our week by initiating our new warrior training, each morning we wake and begin the day with meditative martial arts, utilizing our blend of experience in various techniques. This helps to focus the mind and begin the day with clarity and calm. As with many folks anxiety can be a significant problem, hindering thought and getting in the way of motivation and accomplishment. 

At Northwwoods R&R we teach skills that can be used in everyday life and are applicable to the person. These trouble young men have found themselves struggling to find direction and recognize their potential. Through hard work and encouragement they are able to begin to reshape the way in which they view themselves and their situation. They regain control and guide their own direction.  

Stay tuned for the next part of the story –F. Devin Colavecchio, CFO and Counselor