Steve Kimkung

Program Supervisor (Kenya)

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

—Albert Einstein

What does Northwoods mean to me?

What do you do at Northwoods?

I supervise the Africa experience program where together with my colleagues and a host of other service providers who are part of the team, we ensure that students and parents have an experience of a lifetime. We are charged with ensuring first and foremost the safety of every group that visits. We also determine the destinations that open the eyes of the visitors to the true Africa (not just the touristic destinations), where they can experience the people, their culture, their values, their hopes and despair, their triumphs plus defeats. These are places where they can also share their own experiences as visitors which I believe opens both parties to new perspectives which is our objective.

What is your experience?

I have worked in the tourism and setting up volunteer opportunities within the travel & tourism industry. Mostly dealing with group travel for  over 12 years and 4 years now with Northwoods.

Why do you work at Northwoods?

I see working at Northwoods as an opportunity to give back to the communities I live amongst and to young people with the experiences I have gained in my lifetime because many a time in my youth, I too received guidance. I also enjoy being part of a team offering practical and professional solutions through a program that has a great positive impact on both visitors and hosts. I enjoy being part of the bridge through which these two different worlds meet and then melt into a pot of learning, friendship, mutual respect and love. I enjoy seeing perspectives changed, friendships made, economic empowerment happen and lives positively impacted. I love being at the very heart of it.


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