Mallory Cushing

Director of Administration

“The earth has music for those who will listen.”  –Reginald Vincent Holmes

What do you do at Northwoods?

I have a couple different “hats” that I wear. I assist Melissa with emails for family communication and intake calls for NWRR. I do the Superbills and other various tasks to help.

I am the Administrator for Northwoods Counseling Services. I make sure that the business is running as smoothly as possible, billing is on time and try to help employees in any way I can. I work hard to make sure that I am dependable and helpful to the employees and patients at Northwoods.

What is your experience?

I have a history of being a pharmacy technician, medical records coordinator, and medical secretary.

Why do you work at Northwoods?

I work at Northwoods because I love the family atmosphere. I enjoy being a part of a team that wants to encourage and build people up. I believe in the people I work with and believe that sustainable change is necessary in all of our lives.

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