Kris Lovley

Residential Counselor

“Losing someone you love is a deep wound only Mother nature can heal.”
–Kris Lovley

What do you do at Northwoods?

I am a residential counselor for Northwoods Blue Ridge. My role consists of scheduling activities such as wilderness treks, workouts and fitness classes at the local gym, farm projects, day-to-day activities, volunteer work with our local Kiwanis, and overall direct care and observation of student.

What is your experience?

For 2 years prior to working with Northwoods, I worked for the Purple Iris Foundation for pancreatic cancer. As their Outdoor Director, I scheduled and guided hikes, outdoor activities, and fundraisers for families and friends of cancer patients going through treatment and after their death. I primarily worked with families during the healing process after death, helping with coping skills and appreciation for the outdoors, as I believe it has many healing qualities.

Why do you work at Northwoods?

I believe sometimes a drastic change in lifestyle is needed to truly grow to your full potential and that is what this program provides. Healing and growth through agriculture and wilderness is right up my alley and I couldn’t be happier with the family support system that is Northwoods.

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