Beth Colavecchio

Finance Manager

What do you do at Northwoods?

I handle the financial transactions for Northwoods Blue Ridge, to include monitoring cash flow, reconciling accounts, accounts payable, collections, and payroll.

What is your experience?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, coupled with more than 44 years of regulatory experience as a supervisor with the South Florida Water Management District and numerous hours of continuing education in Management, Supervision, Administration, Records Management, and Information Technology. I’ve been recognized for my strong customer service as well as my organizational and analytical skills.

Why do you work at Northwoods?

Northwoods is a unique program whose primary purpose is to help struggling young men and women.  I believe in the mission, having seen the results.  My husband and I have spent many years volunteering for programs that benefit children, currently as members of the Kiwanis of Blue Ridge.  The Northwoods’ programs provide opportunities and encourage their students to volunteer and give back to the community, a desire that will hopefully stay with them as they move on with their lives.


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