Abzed Osman

Program Staff (Kenya)

“Never measure your generosity by what you give; measure your generosity by what you left.”

What does Northwoods mean to me? 

What do you do at Northwoods?

I work as support staff and am tasked with the responsibility of assisting in the process of equipping our young men from Northwoods with life skills, perspective change, and concepts that change their life for the better.

What is your experience?

Through my 3 years working with Northwoods I have developed useful skills such as communication, team working, planning and organising time keeping, problem solving.

Why do you work at Northwoods?

I work with Northwoods because the ideology that they stand for matches with my aspirations and inspires me as an individual. Secondly I see that the work ethic at Northwoods brings about the belief in hardwork and diligence which have moral benefits, virtue, value and  strengthen the character and abilities in individuals we are assisting.

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