School Support

As a small family program, Northwoods recognizes the importance of adapting to the needs of our students. With the current state of things (Covid-19), it is becoming more and more common for students to attend their schooling completely online.  Whether it is high school, college, or adult education, Northwoods is here to help. Please see below as we break down the various types of schooling and how we can support our students.

Online High School

For students currently attending a high school that has moved to completely online, we provide tutoring and support in organizing, maintaining, and working through the school’s curriculum. This requires that the student remains enrolled in their current school and attends video courses or classes as assigned by that school. Support staff and a tutor will work with the student to assist with organizing and completing necessary assignments as given by their teachers.

Each student requires a different approach and level of assistance. We format our programming to best provide this to each student while also allowing them to engage in the therapeutic activities, agriculture and wilderness, and therapy.

HiSet & Adult Ed

Some of our students have found themselves no longer attending traditional high school due to a variety of reasons.  With our great relationships and connections to local adult education services, we are able to help these students assess which path may best suit their needs. This includes completing a high school diploma or the HiSet (replacement to the GED). This allows the student to gain the necessary schooling to find better employment, potential to attend college, or seek entrance into a military branch.

Each student meets with the adult education providers and receives an individualized approach with guidance to choose their path.

In both cases, HiSet or Diploma, students receive support and tutoring to complete studying, practice exams, and assignments.

Online College

As with other forms of schooling, colleges have started offering complete online schooling. Prior to attending Northwoods, students looking to attend college courses are assessed to determine appropriateness for completion of online schooling while in the residential program.  Not all students are ready or able to focus on themselves and college at the same time. It is important that we ensure the therapeutic needs take priority and we establish sustainable change that will increase potential success in future endeavors.


For further information, please give us a call at  (207) 416-2115  or go to the Contact Us page and submit an inquiry.