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Our Animals

Animals provide a kinship that many of our young men are missing. A relationship with an animal can be one of caring, love, and understanding without ever speaking a word.

Our animals are specifically chosen for not only their agricultural benefit, but also their therapeutic value.

Each one has its own personality, needs, and attitude. Our animals are part of our family and a major component of the day-to-day therapeutic environment.

Our Gardens

Northwoods Ranch and Retreat is an established farming environment, mimicking nature wherever possible, with some human morality and ethical considerations mixed in.

We believe our fruits and vegetables should be as free from human chemicals as possible, accepting the cosmetic blemishes and losses to pests nature decides.

Our fertilizer is the composted vegetation waste and droppings from our various animals; this is the way nature and our ancestors have done it for thousands of years. Chemical fertilizers have never touched our soil, or ended up on our plates.