Northwoods Counseling Services

Northwoods Counseling Services 

Northwoods Residential & Transitional Programs partner with Northwoods Counseling Services to provider the critical component of counseling and therapy to the students attending these programs.

Counseling is essential to the process of sustainable change.  What is counseling? Where and when does it occur?

Many people picture the stereotypical office setting with the chair or couch where one sits and talks about various problems. For many, this works and shows great value. However, for some, it is simply not a method that produces any viable outcomes or gets at the needed areas for change.

Individual & Group Counseling

Counseling is the process of assisting someone and guiding them to discovery of themselves and what they need to improve their lives. This does not need to occur in the sterile environment of an office; it can happen anywhere at any moment, and that is when we are there at the ready.

Our unique counseling utilizes the very same theoretical models that are seen and proven throughout the mental health field, including: CBT, DBT, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused.  This is done while taking a conversational and relaxed approach that allows those we work with to naturally discuss what they are feeling, thinking, and struggling with.

What better place to talk about and share thoughts than in a canoe, on a mountain, or out skiing down a beautiful hill. Conversational counseling gives the control to the individual and allows them to be the guide on their path to sustainable change.

Models and techniques are strategically chosen to suit the individual. As we are all different, so are the methods utilized in treatment.

*Individual & Group therapy services are included in the Northwoods Ranch & Retreat tuition

Family Counseling

Our family counseling sessions are a great opportunity for families to connect with their son or family member! In these structured yet relaxed meetings, communication and understanding is a focus.

Counseling sessions are offered on the 3rd Thursday and Friday of each month.  Depending on time of year and weather conditions, the setting may vary.

Sessions occur after the student’s completion of residential programming. They are a great opportunity to come together, relax, and begin the family work needed to optimize the change your family member has made. 

At Northwoods, we recognize how integral family is to the process of change and that when one individual changes, it requires all those around them to change with them. 

Some Topics:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Barriers to positive interactions
  • Differing Expectations
  • Opposing Perceptions
  • Team Building
  • Quality Interactions and the importance of family

*Family outings are a separate offering from all other programming. Please see FAQs for details on cost.


Not all clients require medications to address symptoms; however, when they do, it is important that thorough assessment and understanding of symptoms occurs so that the right medications can be prescribed at the proper dosages.

Our psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Salisbury, does nothing less. She takes a very caring, kind, and thoughtful approach that allows her to really get to know the individuals she is working with. Rather than just looking at a chart or asking a list of questions, she takes the time to learn their likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts, and needs, allowing for a collaborative partnership that leads to improved compliance and outcomes.

*Psychiatry is a separate service and not included in Northwoods R&R tuition