Core Values


To Our Students

  1. We will never sacrifice a student’s wellbeing and success for personal gain or to accommodate unrealistic expectations of others.
  2. We will always do what we feel is in the best interest of our students.
  3. We strive to maintain a low client-to-staff ratio at all times.
  4. We treat each student as the unique individual they are and respect the diversity of the young men and women we serve.
  5. We lead by example and will never expect a student to do something we are unwilling to do ourselves.

To Our Families

  1. We will be understanding of the difficulties parents go through in this process and assist to the best of our ability to help ease this struggle.
  2. We will exemplify a positive attitude through our dedication and behavior to all.

To Ourselves

  1. We will constantly assess our own state of being and always do what is necessary to provide quality care.
  2. We will be transparent and open in our feelings, thoughts, and needs.
  3. We will be examples to our students.
  4. We only work with skilled professionals who are committed to our students’ success.

To Our Communities

  1. We focus on teaching sustainable change and life skills and guarantee that our actions both on and off the ranch will never degrade other people, places, or things.
  2. We adhere to a policy of transparency to all parties in regards to our motivation and commitment to program ideals and our role in our community.