Residential Wellness & Life Skills Program

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat is not a boot camp or an overcrowded institution with limited services. We are a small, supportive, family oriented program offering comprehensive tools and activities necessary for our students’ success. We focus on the benefits of positive reinforcement and recognition using an evidence proven, strength based approach.

Our goal is to help students identify who they are by what they can do, not what they have done. This approach allows the student to overcome the low expectation he has set for himself, replacing it with pride and self determination. We recognize that each young man is unique, as are their challenges, and we create a distinctive, clinically focused curriculum to help them achieve their goals.

At Northwood’s Ranch & Retreat, our students experience a holistic approach to learning and growth addressing emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical needs. Each student establishes personal goals and objectives during orientation which include an initial assessment by our clinically trained and certified staff, a self assessment of strengths and weaknesses completed by the student, an assessment of the client completed by the parents, and a collaborative achievement plan completed by the student and staff. Students meet weekly with counselors where they will go over their goals and objectives.

Our students are required to follow a structured routine but learn that daily work responsibilities are ever evolving, as in real life, preparing them to deal with adversity and change.  

Northwoods Ranch and Retreat curriculum includes:

Hygiene   Goal Setting   Community Volunteer Work
Chores   Vocational Training   Building & Equipment Maintenance
Meal Preparation   Woodworking   Budgeting & Finance
Nutrition & Physical Fitness   College Preparation   Social & Behavioral Skills
Organic Gardening   Decision Making   Journaling
Caring For Animals   Prioritizing   Reading & Writing Assignments
Landscaping   Survival Skills   Positive Study Habits
Interview/Resume Preparation   Business Communication   Organization

"Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results." 

~Evan Carmichael