Core Values

Northwoods Ranch & Retreat Core Values:

  • We will never sacrifice student well being and success for personal gain.                      

  • We strive to maintain a low client to staff ratio at all times; at times of transition while current clients are moving to their next venture and new clients coming to the program, this number may vary.

  • We are first and foremost committed to our students, parents, staff and community, and we exemplify this attitude through our dedication and behavior.

  • We focus on teaching sustainable life skills through sustainable living and guarantee that our actions both on and off the ranch will never degrade other people, places, or things.
  • We only work with skilled professionals committed to our students' success.
  • We lead by example and will never expect a student to do something we are unwilling to do ourselves.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to students, families and the community by accepting at least one scholarship applicant each year, based on need and program criteria.
  • We adhere to a policy of transparency to all parties in regards to our motivation and commitment to program ideals.  
  • We treat each student as the unique individual they are and respect the diversity of the young men we serve.

 Hiking on stone path with Lucia